By God's grace and for His glory we want to impact our community and the world by making disciples of countless university students and community members who are transformed by the Gospel and serving others.

our values and goals


As we gather together on the Lord’s Day, we celebrate the glory of God and the glorious hope we have as His people. We desire genuine and passionate worship of the living God and we long to “glorify and enjoy Him” in all things. As the Body of Christ, we worship the living God in Spirit and in Truth through song, corporate confession of sin, congregational prayer, affirming the creeds of the early church, and participating in the sacraments of The Lord’s Supper and baptism.

Growth in Grace

The Gospel of Grace and the transforming power of the Holy Spirit change people! We believe that the primary means by which Christians experience significant growth in grace is through the ministry of the Word and Spirit, through communion with God and with one another in prayer, and through the celebration of the sacraments of baptism and the Lord’s Supper in the context of Christ-centered worship.

Fellowship and Service

We believe that all Christians — including our children and youth — are called to pursue fellowship with other believers. We also believe that the most significant growth in grace takes place in the context of the Body of Christ in which believers are committed to one another, seeking to encourage one another, meeting one another’s needs and spurring one another on toward the sacrificial service of love and good deeds throughout their communities and the world. We seek to develop relationships which center around the Gospel and embody the “one another” commands of the New Testament. Regularly serving together to put “hands and feet” to the Gospel is a sacred part of fellowship within the Body of Christ.

Evangelism and Missions

Evangelism begins with gratitude. Because of our deep appreciation for the grace we have received in Christ, we long to see friends, neighbors, family members, and even strangers receive this grace and come to a saving knowledge of Christ. We seek to be equipped for the everyday mission field we each inhabit as well as to participate in the work of missions in other parts of our nation and world. For more information of CPC’s involvement in missions, click here.

Biblical World and Life View

Do you know what you believe and why you believe it? Our goal is to equip everyone in our church — from children to our senior members — with the discernment to view all of life through the lens of Scripture and to stand confidently on its truth. A Biblical world and life view begins first and foremost with an understanding of God’s Word, but it also includes training in Reformed doctrine, basic apologetics, and a redemptive framework for understanding all of history.