Thank you for your work in serving the church and community! Our goal is to best communicate to the congregation and community what is going on in the church and how the Lord is at work in and through His people. There are a variety of ways to communicate and lots of things to communicate, so this process helps us to make the best plan for each ministry in spreading the word. 

The goal of all communications is to worship, love, and glorify the Lord by becoming healthy and mature followers of Jesus.


The following guidelines are what we use to make sure each ministry gets room in our publications, announcements, etc.


    • only one announcement email per week
    • no more than 5 announcements per email
    • no announcement is run for more than 3 consecutive weeks
    • requests should be submitted by noon on the Tuesday before print.
    • if more than 5 requests are received in a week priority will be given in this order: in church, reach, & urgency
    • Because there is limited space in the bulletin, priority is given based on: inside the church, reach, then urgency.
    • Any given announcement cannot be run for more than three consecutive weeks.
    • Announcement requests must be submitted by noon on the Tuesday before print.
    • Monthly (third week of the month) time to share about ministry during the service.
    • Approximately 5 minutes long
    • The goal is to share how you've seen God moving in people's hearts and tell the story of His work (testimony style)
    • a brief (1-2min) time before the weekly Sunday service

    • Can be made by the designated worship leader or a ministry representative
    • requests must be made 2 weeks in advance
    • no announcements the 2nd week of the month due to the Lord's supper

  • Information booth and posters/signs are utilized at the discretion of the elders, staff, and Communications Coordinator. Any content for the information booth or posted on church grounds must be approved by the Communications Coordinator before being put out.