COVID information

The Session of CPC had an emergency meeting Sunday afternoon (August 22, 2021) to discuss the recent surge of CoVid cases in our area and our congregation.  Our goal was to respond to our current situation in a way that shows appropriate respect for and submission to civil authorities, cares for our congregational needs, protects those at risk, and respects individual choice as best we can.


On top of the general surge in CoVid cases, our specific situation includes Children’s Ministry and Nursery programs that are operating with barely enough volunteers and a Youth Ministry that is seeing a larger number of people not participating due to either concerns or actual CoVid contact.


During the meeting the Session decided to continue implementing announced activities and to again encourage masks and vaccinations. We will be working closely with our ministry staff about individual activities and the decisions about when to continue or pause.  As a session we call all our people to pray and evaluate their heart positions on all issues we deal with currently. Hopefully, all of us can seek God’s guidance on how we can best love each other and promote the peace and unity of our congregation.


Since conditions may change rapidly and our available resources may not be able to support scheduled ministries, please watch church announcements carefully as last-minute changes or cancellations may occur.  


Please pray for how you can respond in your personal choices to best care for our church body. This can include volunteering to serve in areas you may not have considered before as we are in this special time of need.  

For Children’s ministry Molly Snipes can be reached at .

For Nursery Liz Lyles can be reached at .