Sunday School

We refer to our Sunday School classes as Shepherding Communities because we want to promote fellowship and care within these groups. Shepherding Communities are organized in two ways. We recognize the fruitfulness of being able to gather and learn with those who are in a similar stage of life; therefore, many of our adult classes are structured by “age and stage”. But we also recognize the benefits of cross-generational fellowship around a particular topic, so we offer classes to meet those interests as well. Most of our adult classes change topics quarterly.

Where does your class meet? Use the church map to find out!

Adult Sunday School classes meet from 9:00-10:00 AM.

class offerings

YOUNG MARRIED & FAMILIES (20’s, 30’s, 40’s)


Education 2E10

Kevin Miles, Lehmon Dekle, and Matthew Icard


Westminster Confession of Faith

Fellowship Hall

David Sinclair, Will Huss, Dave Woodard, & Reid Jones

ADULT FAMILIES (50’s & 60’s)

Fellowship Hall-1F3

Bill Fisk and Roger Boothe


Education 1E6

Ronnie Booth & Mike Haas

Sunday School REcordings