Outreach & Missions

Each and every day, we are called to live as ambassadors for Christ as we seek to love our neighbors as ourselves. Whether we’re equipping parents to love and lead their children, equipping our community with Gospel truth through Good News Club, or equipping Clemson Community Care with food for local families in need, our motivation is love — love for our God and love for our neighbor.

Our vision statement is steeped in the language of community:

By God’s grace and for His glory we want to impact our community and the world by raising up countless university students and community members who are transformed by the Gospel and serving others.

As the Gospel transforms us and as we begin to see how God has provided for us — a needy and sinful people — we are motivated by grace to love the community in which He has placed us. According to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus, He has supplied all of our needs. (Philippians 4:19) And out of this abundance to us, He enables us to supply the spiritual and physical needs of others.

Missions Committee: outreachandmissions@clemsonpres.org

Local/us Missions partners

Reformed University Fellowship (RUF)

Reid & Kelli Jones-Clemson University

Jennifer Kent-Clemson University

Matt & Ivy Patrick-Wofford University

David & Mary Beth Ely-Furman University

Kelly & Caroline Jackson-Florida State Univesity

John & Cheryl Boyte-Anderson University

Matt & Megan Terrell-City Campus in New York City

Nathan & Sarah Dicks-Boston University

Reformed University Fellowship-International (RUF-I)

Rick & Beth Brawner-Clemson University-International students

Jeff & Caroline Thompson-University of Geogia-International students


Barry & Susan Bouchillon-Clemsoin University Faculty Commons-working with Clemson University faculty

Mark & Katie Bouchillon-South Carolina Upstate

Patrick & Amber Martin-South Carolina Upstate

Hank & Anna Uzzell Lifelines Ministry with CRU at Clemson University

Jack & Sherri Campbell-RMI, working with International students at Clemson University

Jason & Christine Johnston-Navigators Clemson University

Shea Nolan-Navigators intern working with Jason Clemson University

Dusty & Christin Harrisons-Greek Intervarsity Clemson University

Tim & Vivian Ann Wilson-TI Colorado

Michael & Kirby Hall-RYM Director of Training for RYM youth conferences

Chris & Elizabeth Manley-MNA church plant Chattanooga

JP & Laurie Sibley-New City Church plant Orangeburg

Brett Barbee-Living Hope Church plant Anderson

Young Life-Anderson

Rivers of Justice-Dena Rapp

Other families serving in sensitive areas

Foreign mission partners

Long, Johnny & Becky-Serge; currently in US as Cross-Cultural Renewal and Leadership Development Specialist

Abeneazer/Jessie: Equip International

Bob & Mary Lee Bolitho; Africans Training Africans & Indians training Indians; currently working in Uganda

David Davis-MTW & Equip Intl (Brazil); currently working in Ouro Fino Brazil establishing and managing foster homes

Charles & Bonita Davidson MTW (Mexico); currently serving in Monterrey Mexico as church planters

Jay & Nancy Matsinger MTW (Prague)

Bert & Cheryl Barber MTW Bogota Columbia

Eric & Anna Graham MTW Bogota Columbia

Ashley Dempsey Commission Ministers Network Honduras