Rey's Market

Rey's Market is a shop that is open during the Christmas season for the families participating in Ripple of One. During the year, Ripple of One families participate in enrichment activities above and beyond what is required of the program to earn credits to  shop in Rey's Market. 

To make Rey's Market happen, we need donations of new toys and gift cards from our church family and community. Below you will find a list of the items needed to open the shop and a few clarifying notes under that. Donations can be dropped off at the church office during the week or at the Rey's Market table in the Worship Center lobby on Sunday mornings. Collection ends on December 2.

Contact Sherri Bull ( with any questions

donations needed

  • Walmart $10 gift cards (or cash donation to purchase needed items)
  • Barbie House (or 4 gift cards)
  • Barbie Accessories (or 2 gift cards) 
  • Barbie (multi-ethnic) (or 2 gift cards)
  • Karaoke Microphone or machine (or 3-5 gift cards)
  • 3-5 Gift cards for winter coats
  • 2-3 gift cards for pants
  • 3-5 gift cards for snow boots  
  • 2-3 gift cards for clothing for smaller children
  • Baby Dolls (multi-ethnic) (or 2-3 gift cards)
  • Doll accessories (or 1-3 gift cards) 
  • Board games for various age groups (or 2-3 gift cards)
  • Wall organizers for teens (or 3-5 gift cards) 
  • Wall vanity (or 3-5 gift cards) 
  • Closet organizers (or 3-5 gift cards)
  • Wagon (or 3-5 gift cards) 
  • shoe skates or heel skates (3-5 gift cards) 
  • nail polish sets (or 1-3 gift cards) 
  • remote control cars and batteries (or 2-4 gift cards) 
  • action figures/ transformers (or 2-3 gift cards)
  • Shopkins figures
  • Paw Patrol figures and accessories
  • rescue vehicle toys
  • Tablet (can find kindle fire on black Friday for under $50)
  • Bibles and devotionals which can be found in the church book store


  • Because we can’t stock all the sizes necessary, we ask for gift cards in lieu of clothing items. 
  • Just like in a real store, we may have to exchange items between shopping days to provide more of the most popular items. Last year, Walmart was very generous in allowing us to exchange what we had for what we needed, so  if you shop there, please get a gift receipt to make the process easier. 
  • Gift cards should be in denominations of $10 each and only from Walmart. This makes the store run smoothly by keeping items as clear as possible. Gift cards are grouped together to cover the requested items. 
  • All items not selected during Rey’s Market, will be donated to Ripple of One for use in their mini market where children in the program can shop with points they earn from learning new skills. 
  • Please keep costs for each item to $50 or less.