officer candidates

The session has called for a congregational meeting on September 13 immediately following the worship service for the purpose of voting on officer candidates: Rob Porter (elder), Carson Snipes (elder) and David Thorsland (deacon). This meeting is being scheduled at a later date because the Presbyterian Church in America's Book of Church Order requires 30 days notice prior to the election of officers. These three men have been nominated, gone through officer training and been examined both in writing and before our church elders. Please be in prayer as we consider these men as officers in our church. 


Elder Candidate

I grew up in South Florida, but it was not until I was 25 and living in California that I became a Christian.  A friend invited me to a bible study, and I started reading the book of Romans.  One morning as I read, I realized that I was in real trouble with God because of the way I had been living my life.  I asked Jesus if he would take over my life and forgive me, and He changed my life forever.  I believe I am God’s child only because Jesus lived a perfect life in my place and then paid for all my sins on the cross.  After 40 years, I can attest to God’s consistent faithfulness and goodness in my life.  His ways truly do bring lasting satisfaction!

My wife Sherri and I have 4 grown children (all married) and 1 grandson.  I retired from the business world last year, and we are hoping to spend the next chapters of our lives serving in God’s kingdom-work as He directs.  He continues to fill our lives with meaning and purpose.

After several months of praying about it, I believe that God is calling me to serve as an elder here.  Sherri and I love Clemson Presbyterian Church and we both feel it is a privilege to serve in this body.  I look forward to this new roll, and I am excited about what God will do in and through our church in the coming years.


Elder Candidate

I grew up going to church periodically (Christmas, Easter, etc.) and was certainly, in my own mind, a ‘christian’. After all, I had ‘prayed a prayer’ once or twice and attended Bible School from time to time. My life, from an early age, was somewhat hectic: instability and substance abuse. The Lord pulled me out of the hectic environment around 2002 when I was adopted by my Aunt and Uncle. While my external life was more in order I never had a personal relationship with Christ. Which, of course, meant that my internal life was not in order. However, God brought me from death to life in 2010 at my Grandfather’s Funeral under the Preaching of Sal Barone. Praise God! I instantly, though I know its not this way for everyone, knew the substantial difference between no relationship and relationship with Christ! He became my Lord and Savior, my Rock, my Fortress, my Leader, my Everything. Since then, I seek to follow Him with every fiber of my being. Though, at times, it feels like 2 steps forward and 1 back, by God’s Grace, I am being conformed to His Image. 

My Wife (Chelsey) and I have been married for 13 years and we have three children: Eli (6), Malachi (2) and Syrena (6 months). We are grateful to the Body for coming alongside us!

In 1 Timothy 3:1, Paul writes that Officers should aspire to the Office; mainly, that one should set their heart toward the task. He continues by saying that this aspiration is noble. In this one Verse, Paul has summarized how I feel personally. I feel called, most of all, to dedicate my life to Christ. Furthermore, as the members of the local church are the bride of Christ, I desire to serve them. I realize that, oftentimes, this is not easy; however, I desire to serve Christ in any capacity that He wishes, even if it is not easy. Regardless of what the future holds, I love the Body of Christ and its members, and I pray/strive for its continued growth and well-being. If it is the desire of the Congregation I look forward to joyfully serving as a fellow Elder. 


   I was born into a “churched” family but I don’t remember ever hearing the gospel. My Father’s job moved us multiple times. Then college, marriage to my wife Lynn, and then several moves with my jobs. We had moved to Zanesville, Ohio where our two daughters were born and we were invited by a neighbor to church and to join a bible study. I began to realize that there was something different about these other Christians that I didn’t have. I took a new job and moved to Wellington, Florida where we went through the new members class at a small PCA church nearby our home. That feeling of missing something was reinforced. Although I joined the church, I began to realize that my testimony was not one of a real relationship with Jesus Christ. After finally understanding that I had been depending solely on my hard work to be successful and live the “American Dream,” sensing that my life was still empty, and that only Christ could fill that emptiness, I asked him to take over my life. Shortly afterwards Lynn and I sang in the choir at a Billy Graham crusade in Ft Lauderdale. Billy invited “those even singing in the choir” to come forward, repent and make a public profession of faith. I did.

     We have moved an additional six times since then but each time God has been faithful to continue to work with me and provide purpose and growth. We have been been privileged be be to be part of two church plants in Murfreesboro, TN and Baton Rouge, LA, plus three other newer churches where we used God’s grace and the gifts and experiences he has given us to be a part of helping to grow those churches. A year after I retired in 2017 we moved to the upstate from Columbia. We were immediately welcomed by CPC and have felt that God has called us and blessed us to be a part of this congregation.

    Lynn and I have been married just over 50 years now. We have two beautiful daughters that are nearby. The oldest is married and lives in Simpsonville and has three wonderful sons. The youngest lives in Greenville.

     After retiring my prayers to God were to lead us wherever we could serve him, not knowing where he would lead us or what he had in store for us. I have served as an Elder in three other churches and the mistakes and lessons I have learned have continued to change my heart. We quickly came to love this congregation and what we saw God doing here. I was not seeking specifically to go back to serving as an elder but to serve however he called me as a part of this body. I am humbled to be called by Him and to serve this congregation.