CPC Members

Below are links and resources for Clemson Pres members


Realm is our church database. In Realm, you can update your information, access or update your giving, and search the church directory. If you don't have a Realm account, click here to request access.

Room Reservations

Need to book a room for a ministry event? Click below to fill out a request form. We'll get back to you ASAP. To book an event outside of CPC's ministry, contact Sara for policies and info (sara.dixon@clemsonpres.org)

Email Lists

 We send out weekly updates and important communications through our list. Use the link below to subscribe to any of the lists you like.
*use the instructions below to update your email address

Church Calendar

Keep up with church events! From MidWeek to Bible Studies to special events, the online church calendar will help keep everything in one spot.


Need to set a one time or recurring gift? Click below to set that up. If you have questions, email the church office at contactus@clemsonpres.org.

Session Updates

After each Session meeting, the elders share the notes from their time together. Click below to read the notes.

Update your email

If you get a new email address, update your subscription to our emails as well as updating your info in Realm.

To Get Churchwide Emails:

1. unsubscribe your old email address
  • go to any email we have previously sent you
  • scroll to the bottom of the email
  • hit "unsubscribe"
2. subscribe your new email address
  • fill out your information
  • check which email lists you want to be on ("weekly announcement emails is our main list"
  • click "subscribe"
*to update the lists you're on, simply follow the subscribe emails or click "update profile" at the bottom of any email we send you

To Update Realm Info:

1. Log in to your Realm account
2. Click the "Edit Profile" button
3. Update your email address
4. Click Save
***you will not be able to update your account email. Email sara.dixon@clemsonpres.org to update account email.

Update Privacy Settings

1. Log in to your Realm account
2. Click the "Manage Privacy" button
3. Update the settings as you like
4. Click the "Save" button on the bottom right.