Sunday School

Sunday Mornings


student classes

Nursery Care for Infants: Ginger Haas, Liz Lyles

1&2 year old class: Susan Medlin
Show Me Jesus Curriculum

3K/4K class: Erin Helsel, Mallory Comerford
Dwell Curriculum

K5/1st class: Ronda Senn, Tonya Porter
Dwell Curriculum

2nd/3rd class: Luke & Marcie Dallman, Jessica Campbell
Dwell Curriculum

4th/5th class: Carson Snipes, Kate Dodd
Dwell Curriculum

Middle School meets upstairs in the Worship Center in 2W3 for fellowship and devotion.

adult classes

Making Sense of a Marvelous and Messy Life
College Class
led by Matthew Icard, Will Huss, Kevin Miles, Mark Dodd

Marriage and Parenting
Fellowship Hall
led by Bryan Counts, Steve Dickey, and Matthew Icard

led by Kent Alter

Fellowship Hall Side Room (F3) & Zoom
led by Bill Fisk

CPC Life, 1E6
  • Led by Ben and Evelyn Gaddis, Tommy and Beth Campbell, Pete and Sam Shaner
  • Study: The Parables of Jesus or the Gospel of John (both via curriculum resources recommended by Ashley Belknap of Engaging Disability with the Gospel). 
  • Purpose: To care for our friends and neighbors with special needs by gathering for biblical fellowship and encouragement
  • Ages: Open to all adults with special needs (18 and older)

Newcomers Class
Feb 5-March 12
led by Steve Dickey