infants - 4 year olds

The nursery serves infants through year olds by helping them to become mature and healthy followers of Christ who worship, love, and glorify God. It’s important to us to be intentional with children in both building relationships with them and teaching them the bible on an age-appropriate level. We come alongside parents by equipping and encouraging them.  

Youth and Families Pastor: Matthew Icard
Nursery Director: Bailie Rabon

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for birth through 4yr olds

The nursery hall is open for Sunday School and Worship Service. We love caring for the youngest people in our congregation helping them to grow and mature into healthy disciples. 

Pre-Register Your Child

If you're child has never been involved in children's ministry or nursery, you can go ahead and enter their information in our system, so when you get here, all you have to do is check them in instead of filling out a form. Use the link above to pre-register (note: if you fill out the form on Saturday, it's possible it won't get entered into the system for your child on Sunday. Just let the desk worker know and they'll get you squared away quickly). 

Memory Program

Older children have the opportunity to memorize scripture and catechisms on an age-appropriate level.


How does check-in work?
Before children go into their nursery rooms, a parent or guardian will stop at the nursery desk to check the child in. If you've been to the church before, you'll search for child's name on the computer and a badge will print for you and the child. The badge will be put on the child's back and you hang on to yours for check out after service.
*if you are new to the nursery hall, the desk worker will assist you in getting all the information we need to care for you child (you can also pre-register here)

What about check out?
To pick up a child from the nursery hall, you must have the badge you received at check in. Bring that badge to the nursery desk and they will help you from there.
*if you lost the badge, the desk workers have procedures to ensure you have permission to pick up the child.

Do you have a child protection policy?
Yes. You can read the full policy here and below we answer a few of the main questions.

Are all nursery workers & volunteers background checked?
All nursery workers are asked to fill out an application and consent to a background check. A background check is run on volunteers 18 and over.

Who is allowed in the children’s areas?
Individuals who are dropping off or picking up children as well as volunteers or church staff are allowed on the nursery hall.
Are parents occasionally asked to pick up their child prior to the end of service?
Yes, if a child is inconsolable, showing signs of illness, or is behaving in a way that requires parent intervention, parents will be asked to come to the nursery hall.
What are some ways you maintain a fun, safe, and secure environment?
For safety, we screen our volunteers prior to allowing them to work as well as keep exterior doors locked.
We strive to have toys, games, and books that are engaging for multiple ages and encourage volunteers to take children to the fenced in playground when possible. Additionally, we seek to share Biblical truth while children are in our care.
What is your bathroom policy?
Females in high school or older may assist children in the bathroom if needed. Workers are encouraged to leave the bathroom door cracked open if possible.
What is your diaper-changing policy?
Females in high school or older change diapers.
What is your germ and sickness policy?
Nursery rooms are cleaned weekly.
If a child is showing signs of sickness (including but not limited to runny nose or fever), please keep them out of the nursery. Children should be fever free for 24 hours prior to being left in the nursery.
What is your discipline procedure?
We encourage our volunteers to distract or redirect children who are having disciplinary struggles. If a child is unresponsive to our volunteers, parents will be contacted.
Do you train on inappropriate vs. appropriate touch?
Yes, this is part of our child protection policy.