child protection policy

We joyfully provide care, Christian education, and opportunities for fellowship and service at Clemson Presbyterian Church (CPC), all intended to point both our church's children and our guests toward Christ while taking all reasonable measures to keep them safe and protected from harm or abuse. 

The children of our church are a precious stewardship and a blessing (Gen 33:5, Ps 127:3-5), they enjoy the Lord's special favor (Mt 18:l 0, Lk 18:16), and their care, nurture, and education in the church are highly important means in bringing them to salvation (Prov 22:6, 2 Tim 3:14-15). Given these truths, it is incumbent upon church officers, staff, paid workers, volunteers, and all members to take great pains to guard and protect the children in their care. The CPC Session adopts this Policy to help achieve these ends. The Session designates the Associate Pastor of Youth and Families as primarily responsible for implementation of this Policy. 

CPC cannot, nor can any institution or organization, absolutely guarantee that no harm will befall a child entrusted to its care. However, CPC can, through adherence to this Policy, make meaningful efforts to ensure that persons placed in positions of responsibility and trust with respect to the children of the church are persons deserving of that trust and responsibility. 


Thank you for your interest in volunteering with the children or youth at Clemson Presbyterian Church (CPC)! The following documents are part of our screening process for everyone working with children or youth at CPC. Our full policy can be found here. The Code of Conduct details how we interact with children in a safe and loving way. Complete the application form and certify that you have read the Code of Conduct.

If you are interested in volunteering with the Youth, please email the above completed documents to Matthew Icard at

If you are interested in volunteering with the Nursery or Children's Ministy, email the above completed documents to Molly Snipes at