from the committee

With much excitement and thanksgiving, the Clemson Presbyterian Church Pulpit Nominating Committee (PNC) unanimously recommends Bryan Counts for the position of Senior Pastor.   Bryan has been faithfully serving at Village Seven Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Colorado Springs in varying capacities over the past 17 years.   Bryan has served as associate pastor / discipleship (executive) pastor for over 13 years and most recently as interim senior pastor where the Lord has used him to lead the congregation of about 1400 congregants.  Prior to his time at Village Seven, he graduated with a BA from Covenant College and then received his MDIV from Covenant Seminary (Magna Cum Laude).

Bryan and his wife Erika have four children, Garrison (18), Daniel (16), Caroline (14), and JB (4).   Although they have strong ties and friendships at Village Seven, both Bryan and Erika have sensed the Lord calling them to leverage their gifts in a new area, and now specifically at Clemson Presbyterian Church.  An added bonus to this move is that both Bryan and Erika have family and connections in the Greenville area. The following are some of the reasons for selecting Bryan.

1. Preaching:

Bryan’s sermons were observed by the PNC members to be biblically-grounded, gospel-centered, and grace-filled. His preaching style is relatable to a multi-generational congregation and he demonstrates humility and vulnerability from the pulpit as well as in person. It’s clear that he has embraced the gospel himself prior to preaching to the congregation. Through interviews, it’s obvious that Bryan has an unswerving commitment to the authority, inerrancy, and infallibility of Scripture and its sufficiency for faith and practice. In talking to his references, a number mentioned preaching as a strength, that this is an area where Bryan has grown greatly over the past year and an area where they expect Bryan to continue to grow in the years ahead.  He is accustomed to preaching in a large space and to a large audience.

2. Spiritual Maturity:

In his personal life and professional relationships, Bryan demonstrates a pattern of humility, friendliness, and approachability. He has a good sense of humor and is

able to laugh at himself.   We received feedback from many references and the consistent traits mentioned were spiritual maturity, humility, faithfulness, thoughtfulness, and that he is a good listener. Here’s what the people who know him best say about him:

  • “He is well-grounded in biblical and theological principles and this foundation directs him.”
  • “If I want godly counsel, Bryan’s the guy I want to talk to. He’s a good listener. And Erika is pure gold.”
  • “Bryan is a rare combination of sure-footed and sincere.”
  • “When he makes a mistake, he is quick to repent.”
  • “He likes to process things and be deliberate in his approach.”
  • “Bryan is the kind of guy who I want to hang out with…”
  • “He has gone through some recent trials but has handled them very graciously.”
  • “He is loyal and hardworking.”
  • “Loving husband and father”
  • “Bryan will seek out men that will help hold him accountable.”
  • “Erika is incredibly Godly and talented. She practices hospitality and has the ability to be open, honest.”

3. Discipleship and Spiritual Formation:

Bryan has been engaged in leading discipleship at Village Seven for both young adults and adults. He is presently the Discipleship pastor at Village Seven which encourages members to be involved in community groups and small group bible studies. He has a desire for the leaders to equip members to grow in their personal faith, and to equip them for acts of service within the church, the community, and the nations. Bryan is coming from a church that is presently engaged with 67 missionaries world-wide.

4. Leadership:


Bryan demonstrates an ability to work well with the officers, staff members, and ministry teams, overseeing their efforts and empowering them in their roles. He has a collaborative style of leadership. Here’s what his references said about his leadership abilities and approach:

  • “He is good conversing with people, exploring their thoughts; he does not issue out orders.”
  • “He will keep the trains running on time, but he is not a micromanager. “
  • “He is empowering, and people will feel like they have the direction and support they need from him.”
  • “Bryan is a pastor’s pastor. He is very grounded in the job, fully present, and good at all aspects of the job.”
  • “If you are looking for solid, consistency that will run the ship well, he would be it.”
  • “Bryan is one of the best pure pastors that I’ve ever known.  He has a pastor’s heart.  He cares for people.”
  • “Bryan has been effective as an interim senior pastor and has successfully helped the church step through a number of changes over the past year.”
  • “Bryan is going to lead you to the destination and you won’t know how you got there because it’ll be so smooth.”