Because we believe we can do nothing without God, prayer is at the beginning of all we do. Being prayerfully dependent is one of our core values. We recognize we can do nothing without God. God has called us to pray, recognizing our absolute dependence upon Him. We may be confident that God hears our prayers and answers in the way that most glorifies Him. Here are ways you can intentionally join us in praying.
Prayer Requests are sent to church leadership unless you want to be added to the churchwide prayer list.

prayer meeting
Each Wednesday at 6pm, a group gathers in the Worship Center Lobby to pray through our church pray list as well as pray for the community and world. Anyone interested is welcome to join them in praying for specific needs of the body and community. Barry Bouchillon is leading the time and will open with a brief devotional and then lead the group in prayer. 
Each Tuesday, we send out a prayer list of specific needs in our church and for our missionaries. If you would like to get the prayer list, click the button below to subscribe.